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Premium Dextrose and Glucose Corn Syrups

We are changing the corn syrup landscape with an up to 40% lower carbon footprint and exceptional purity. Our low carbon-intensity dextrose and glucose corn syrups are ideally suited for food and beverage formulations, as well as for use in fermentation and catalytic conversion processes for bio-based materials and renewable chemicals.

The Eco-conscious Choice

Our patented, innovative Clean Sugar Technology™ (CST), produces game-changing dextrose and glucose syrups with exceptional purity and performance, along with a substantially smaller carbon footprint than conventional alternatives. This technology ensures a more efficient, less resource-intensive process with simple enzyme and mechanical separation, avoiding harsh chemicals such as sulfur dioxide.

A recent internal report shows the CI reduction of our products over those produced at a wet mill to be up to 40% due to the unique advantages of CST™.

Carbon Intensity (kg CO2e/MT Dry Sugar)

CST™ Liquid Dextrose: 593

593 (kg CO2e/MT Dry Sugar)

Wet Mill Liquid Dextrose: 940

940 (kg CO2e/MT Dry Sugar)

Our Products

We produce food and industrial-grade low-carbon glucose and dextrose corn syrups at a dry mill facility designed for food and beverage production, renewable chemicals, and synthetic biology applications.

95DE Refined

Our 95DE Refined Dextrose Corn Syrup has undergone additional refining to achieve a high dextrose equivalent (DE) value of 95 with very low ash content.

95DE Unrefined

Our 95DE Unrefined Dextrose Corn Syrup is a specific form of liquid dextrose that has undergone minimal processing and has a high dextrose equivalent (DE) value of at least 95.

63DE Refined

Our 63DE Refined Glucose Corn Syrup has been enzymatically treated to achieve a dextrose equivalent (DE) value of 63.

43DE Refined

Our 43DE Refined Glucose Corn Syrup is a specific type of corn syrup, that has enzymatically treated to achieve a dextrose equivalent (DE) value of 43.

Who We Are

Green Plains is a leading ag-tech company using innovative processes to transform annually renewable crops into sustainable, high-quality ingredients. We produce low carbon-intensity dextrose and glucose at a commercial scale utilizing patented technologies.

The Clean Sugar Journey

Our Clean Sugar Technology™ (CST) was developed by Fluid Quip Technologies engineers through a desire to innovate with purpose—to create from scratch a new design to produce dextrose and glucose syrups at a dry mill, with lower energy, lower water, and lower inputs overall, but still make a molecularly identical dextrose and glucose molecule from the same corn feedstock.

The venture gradually took root, and the design, piloting, and commercialization were accelerated when Green Plains acquired Fluid Quip Technologies. Through Green Plains’ rapid deployment of resources, CST™ is poised to deliver a revolutionary line of dextrose and glucose syrups that will help its customers lower their own carbon intensities.

Accelerate your decarbonization journey with our

low carbon-intensity dextrose and glucose corn syrups.

Request a sample and see how you can elevate your products with purity, performance, and a lower carbon footprint.

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